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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer Instead of DIY

Posted Originally: October 28, 2020

Even amid a “global pandemic”, people like you are starting new businesses every single day. I mean, you’re already managing to work from home well, and we’ve all learned about the uncertainty of the job market so starting a business makes sense. For most new business owners, establishing a solid online presence is right up there with getting the word out about their new products and services.

Several people took to social media initially to get ideas from friends and family about the best way to get on the web. For every “tag a web designer/developer” post you see, you’ll also notice about 10 (or more) comments under each one saying, “Why don’t you do it yourself? I did mine.” With so many DIY platforms that tout “ease of use”, why would you use a professional web designer or developer? Below are 5 reasons to ditch the DIY and hire a professional web designer to create your website.


1. Customization & PLENTY of Options - Oftentimes, budget is the main concern for those who tend to go the DIY route so they go for the “free templates”. However, many free template sites have extremely limited options and functionality--like the inability to connect a custom domain (your personal URL) or remove the platform’s branding. This isn’t the best for SEO (more about that later). There aren’t many page layouts to choose from, and you may not be able to add customizations like custom theme colors, additional styles via CSS, favicons, etc. Not to mention, they look like all of the other free sites out there.

With a professional, you’re able to choose a completely custom look and feel for your site that delivers a pleasant experience for site visitors. In the same way that you can bring an amazing picture to your hairstylist for them to recreate a particular look for you that fits you, you can bring your professional web designer inspiration to build your site, tailored to your business needs. You can modify existing layouts or come up with one from scratch, but the possibilities are nearly endless. If you can dream it, a professional designer can most likely--with the right knowledge and skill--help you bring it to life.


2. Match your brand identity - Brand identity is important. Consistency (or lack of) in how you present yourself to customers can either make or break your business. You want your message to be cohesive and to “flow” across each medium that you use to communicate to others about your business. If you’re not a professional designer yourself, it can be hard to figure out where, to begin with, this. Matching colors and fonts from your logo and other branding materials with the colors and fonts on your website is imperative in maintaining a consistent brand identity.

Professional web designers know how to do this with ease. They will use various tools to identify the exact colors and fonts you want to use. Professional designers can also educate you on the messages those various colors and fonts convey to your potential customers and can help make suggestions if your current color scheme doesn’t quite tell the story you want to represent your business. They are also well-versed in the type of layout that would be best suited for your professional brand.


3. Industry trends and “best practices” - Professional web developers and designers are aware that they are in an ever-changing field. Technology shifts on a daily basis. Because of this, professionals in the field are constantly learning new industry trends and best practices to make sure your website performs well. This may include making sure your website is responsive for all types of devices--desktop and mobile. This could also include any new software, frameworks, or other helpful tools that could help grow your business and/or make sure that your site is functioning optimally. Not only do they know about all of the “new stuff”, but they stay abreast of any software or browsers that become obsolete and wouldn’t be helpful to your site or business--helping you save time and money in the long run.

Before turning your site over to you, web designers and developers go through the process of professionally testing your site to make sure it functions correctly. They know and understand how to check all links, page loading speeds, fix any bugs, etc. They could also assist with ongoing site maintenance to help keep your site running smoothly.


4. Help your site rank better - Not only do professional web designers and developers stay on top of trends in the tech industry as a whole, they must stay on top of what’s current when it comes to search engines. A common concern for many business owners with a website is the lack of conversions--whether it’s newsletter signups, sales, appointments booked, etc. Many times this is due to the lack of website traffic. After all, it’s a numbers game. Having someone proficient in search engine optimization (or SEO) can help your site be listed properly on major search engines, rank higher, and help visitors find you by using the right key works, metatags, and other data search engines use.


5. Professional credibility - A professional web designer has done their research to know how to best position your brand in the current market. They have evaluated the competition (and their websites) to see how your brand compares. They take their knowledge of your industry and use key marketing resources to help you present your business as one of the most competent, experienced, and trusted. No one knows if you’re a company of 1 or 100.


Want to learn more about how a professional designer can help amp up your business and give you a polished web presence? Contact us for a consultation NOW at


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