• Shonta Roberson

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer Instead of DIY

Even in the midst of a “global pandemic”, people like you are starting new businesses every single day. I mean, you’re already managing to work from home well, and we’ve all learned about the uncertainty of the job market so starting a business makes sense. For most new business owners, establishing a solid online presence is right up there with getting the word out about their new products and services.

Quite a number of people take to social media initially to get ideas from friends and family about the best way to get on the web. For every “tag a web designer/developer” post you see, you’ll also notice about 10 (or more) comments under each one saying, “Why don’t you do it yourself? I did mine.” With so many DIY platforms that tout “ease of use”, why would you use a professional web designer or developer? Below are 5 reasons to ditch the DIY and hire a professional web designer to create your website.

1. Customization & PLENTY of Options - Oftentimes, budget is the main concern for those who tend to go the DIY route so they go for the “free templates”. However, many free template sites have extremely limited options and functionality--like the inability to connect a custom domain (your personal URL) or remove the platform’s branding. This isn’t the best for SEO (more about that later). There aren’t many page layouts to choose from, and you may not be able to add customizations like custom theme colors, additional styles via CSS, favicons, etc. Not to mention, they look like all of the other free sites out there.