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Iris Designs


Iris Designs is a website and branding agency that started in Austin, Texas but is now based in Houston, Texas. Founded in May 22, of 2020 by the Creative Director and CEO, Carla Iris Medina, Iris Designs has since become a national business that supports small businesses throughout the United States.

Since its formation, Iris Designs has become a designated WIX partner and Blacks in Nonprofits Corporate partner where they support small to mid-level businesses in all industries - helping them grow and navigate the digital space. In less than 6-months, Iris Designs took on contracted marketers and grew the team of one, to a team of four.


Iris Designs, now has a growing team of professionals who are experienced marketers, web designers and developers, content creators, and project managers -- but even that only scratches the surface of who they are as creatives and experts in the field.


The cool thing is, is that Iris Designs, LLC was established due 2020's CRAZY climate. The world was on lock-down - jobs became a scarcity while many of its working-class members lost employment and childcare support. As a result of being at-home, in front of tech all-day-long, and having an ambitious mindset, many - to include Carla, sought out something different. Something new. She had the skills, the years of marketing experience, the fortitude and a tribe of close friends and family that supported her vision to start her own business. 

Less than a year later - Iris Designs, LLC is still growing and still partnering with local and national business owners in support of them growing their business. #UBUNTU

About Iris Designs
Meet the Designers


Website Designer, Creative Director & Business Director, CEO

Carla is the founder of Iris Designs, LLC; a marketing agency committed to helping brands rank in their competitive environments through digital marketing, web design, content creation, branding and SEO. Since founding this business in May of 2020 (the pandemic year), she has supported well over 200+ small businesses throughout the United States. Carla is a creative geek with a passion to support people and businesses looking to grow, but most importantly, she is devoted to supporting professionals within the BIPOC communities in growing their brands and changing their stories. She's been a marketing professional for over 11+ years with skills in project management, content creation, web design, community outreach and education, as well as SEO and keyword research. Carla has been featured on several publications and articles, to include: Five After Five, Midwest Mujeres, Black Owned Association, The Voyage Austin, Black Therapist Network, BiZ TV, and the Innovation Black Chamber of Commerce

Why I chose the name: Iris Designs

As the founder, I had the honor of establishing the name of this business and oftentimes, I get the question - why Iris Designs? Well here's the short and sweet...


"Iris"  in Iris Designs, initially came from my middle name, and the middle names of my grandmother and great grandmother, Carmen Iris (FAM-BAMM!!). So naturally, in naming my business I wanted to incorporate something that tapped into the core of who I am.

Now, an Iris is also a flower, and it just so happens that this flower was surrounding the hospital that I was born at in Seba, Puerto Rico.

And get this - it was in bloom (it's the subluminal messages for me!) An iris flower in bloom is symbolic of faith, hope, courage, wisdom, and admiration - all of which are core values principles.


Lastly, and yet another cool 'did you know' is that an iris is also one of the most important attributes to eyesight; it determines the color of a person's eyes and it also controls the amount of light that enters the eye -- creating the ability for us to see things more clearly.

I mean the name just fit!  


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