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Continuing the Conversation: Boosting Customer Conversion with the Mothers of Brand Archetypes

‘Twas the most wonderful time of the year, where customers are near. When they land on your page, do they convert or bounce away my dear?

The semester is over and I’ve finally saved-up enough coins to gift my mom this charm bracelet she’s been hinting at for months. I truck it in the snow to the nearest mall in hopes of being able to afford one bracelet and at least two charms. While walking through larger department stores, I don’t come across anything that unique. Knowing that the best deal lies where I currently stand, I disappointedly leave in search of something more sentimental from a smaller shop.

I stumble upon Pandora where I’m stopped by a large window banner. The cheerful holiday marketing shows-off the radiant smiles of a middle-aged women whose arms are wrapped around a young lady. Both of their faces filled with joy, as the older woman’s wrist is the focal point: a sparkling silver bracelet draped in gorgeous charms. I slightly turn my head to the upper right where a tagline explains, “Let us help make moments matter.” I smile, head inside, and eventually leave out with a gift that cost more money, but produces less worry. In fact, I’m extremely proud of this purchase, because I know it’ll make my mom smile like the woman in the banner.

The above reference demonstrates the power behind defining and utilizing one’s archetype. Pandora represents a Magician or Lover brand-type where jewelry is more than a piece of material. Instead, their marketing exemplifies its ability to enhance intimate moments between loved ones.

If you’re committed to creating genuine consumer awareness and brand recognition around your business, but are unsure where to start, access part one of this conversation here: Branding Part 1: F*ck the Box: The Importance of Building your Brand your way. 

Our previous piece provides Owners with a formula to more accurately define their brand’s core characteristics. After exploring the enchanting realm of brand archetypes, are you wondering how to best implement what you’ve learned into your own marketing strategies?

This continuation details how each brand type can best market to their specific Users. Also, we’ll offer tools that’ll help convert lead engagement into actual sales revenue (Take the Brand Quiz Here) 

Below, we’ll provide a quick basis of each archetype and explain how brand identification translates into a more streamlined customer experience. Please don’t fret if none of these definitions suit your business perfectly. They’re known as the mothers, because their basis has given birth to similar children types that may better suit your brand.

Let’s dive into how archetypes can be used when developing cohesive landing pages, media kits, and product launches.

12 Mothers of Brand Archetypes:

The Sage Archetype

If your company embodies wisdom and insight, like or PBS your target audience is seeking fact-checked knowledge. Sage brands should have direct marketing that makes consumers feel safe. Access points whether physical design, page layout, or medium should be practical and straight to the point.

Suggested color choices: Earth tones such as green, brown, black, and gray. Related brands: Barnes and Nobles, BBC

The Caregiver Archetype:

This brand-type’s goal is to care for and protect their consumers at all times. For example, with the growth of Tele-therapy services, there’s an influx of mental health marketing. That can either showcase mundane activity or give off high-luxury vibes, while always tying consumers back into the importance of treating themselves to self-betterment.

It’ll benefit the brand to use colors, tones, and copy editing that embodies a very nurturing and maternal energy. Also, leaning into more of an animated or ambiguous buyer persona will boost sales conversion. Mainly because most caregiver brands are built for all and appeal to diverse audiences seeking solace.

Suggested color choices: Sky blue, light gray, and white. Related brands: Aveeno, Toms

The Ruler Archetype:

These brands thrive on being the best— period! Companies of this type will want to perform constant research on relevant trends in their industry. Being a ruler means staying atop and ahead of all competition. Remember, brands such as Microsoft and UPS remain relevant because they offer stability and security to their customers.

If this sounds like you, think of investing in a shareable forms builder. This way you may generate and share relevant surveys with your users. To ensure success, it’s best to check the temperature of your brand’s relevancy with the direct feedback from your most loyal members.

Suggested color choices: Black, olive green, gold, and red. Related brands: Mercedes-Benz, Prada, and Rolls Royce

The Innocent Archetype:

An Innocent brand like Huggies pampers exudes optimism and purity throughout every marketing endeavor. Even across all social media platforms, their morals

and values sit at the center of their interactions. This type over-practices consistency so much, that the brand may seem boring to some. Don’t worry— an innocent’s target audience needs this level of consistency to gain trust in the brand. Remember the focus is to protect the audience; this leads consumers in search of a genuine connection prior to purchasing products.

Suggested color choices: Pastel colors such as lavender, teal, yellow, and white

Related brands: Whole Foods, Dove soap

The Hero Archetype:

The Hero draws in conscious individuals who seek out improvement daily. This business needs to take a stand on relevant issues, and empower their audience with positive and bold messages. We see athletic brands such as Nike or Adidas strive with their confident and inspirational marketing.

When building campaigns, place the customer’s problem at the forefront and follow-up with the company’s moral stance on the matter. Don’t shy away from taboo topics; just make sure the brand’s position aligns with that of their target audience’s. For example, we don’t want to face the kind of backlash Pepsi endured when they insinuated Kendall Jenner was a cure to racism.

Suggested color choices: Dark purple, heather gray, burnt orange/red

Related brands: Under Armor, Marvel Studios

The Jester Archetype:

This profile appeals to the market of, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time!” Since this brand’s buyer persona consists of consumers who practice daily spontaneity, product launches should be just as thrilling. When developing marketing campaigns, think bold, fun, and over-the-top execution.

Target customers will have many options to choose from, so what makes your specific company stand out?

Suggested color choices: Bright colors that pop such as yellow, fuchsia, purple, and red. Related brands: Old Spice, M&Ms, and Comedy Central

The Magician Archetype:

Magicians use products and services to consistently create special experiences for their target audience members to enjoy. This influx of new consumer options promotes very aggressive competition— especially during holiday time. With high demand and growing fast-fashion brands fighting for their seat at the table— how will you appeal to your customer?

A company like ay Jewelers, is known for assisting its users with “making moments matter.” Their marketing pulls patrons into a world, where all of their dreams can come true. Imagine you’re ready to propose to the love of your life and instantly think, “Every kiss begins with Kay…” you probably know where the ring’s coming from, Always remember that targets searching for magic are truly seeking transformative moments wrapped in a bow.

Suggested color choices: Mustard, dark gray, and Violet

Related brands: Coca Cola, Disney

The Lover Archetype:

The focus of this brand-type is to provide a true sense of intimacy.

The marketing should inspire audiences to pursue and show love. The media needs to be attractive to others and quite literally either sexy or enticing. The brand’s tone may shift from romantic to edgy, or even erotic back to elegant.

Either way, visuals should show sensuality, emit warmth, and offer comfort.

Suggested color choices: Pink mauve, red, fuchsia, and light pink. Related brands: Victoria’s Secret, Marie Claire, and YSL

The Creator Archetype:

This brand’s niche is to create meaningful products or provide services that have

an enduring value. Creator companies want to develop a specific niche and consistently remind users of it’s creativity. Looking at brands like, LEGO or Tidal one is often met with visionary campaigns that are both functional and beautiful.

Creator brands will want to offer their customers a mini-series or set of tutorials that can grow their knowledge.

Suggested color choices: Orange, navy blue, baby blue, and red. Related brands: Adobe, Crayola, YouTube

The Explorer Archetype:

The Explorer seeks fulfillment through adventure and new discoveries. Take note of the marketing for a multi-day festival or convention. Usually all are welcome— especially anyone seeking knowledge in or fun doing things on their own schedule.

This brand’s target audience has a nomadic spirit. This means they not only seek the biggest value at the best price— but that they’ll more likely attach themselves to the things that offer the most unforgettable experiences.

Have ambitious marketing that highlights an individualistic nature. This will appeal to those who see daily rituals as enthralling tasks they’re eager to participate in.

Suggested color choices: Darker Earth tones such as chestnut brown, black, and light gray. Related brands: Starbucks, Jeep, and Yeti

The EveryMan/Woman Archetype:

This archetype is as regular as it sounds and will benefit from exemplifying the

beauty in “being average.” Always seek out opportunities to connect with the target audience. Social tiles should be welcoming, understanding, and have an honest tone. It’ll be best to develop images that reveal the practicality of the products in the lives of real people. Is your marketing down-to-earth? Do your campaigns help the consumer feel supported and valued?

Suggested color choices: Khaki, red, blue, and muted yellow. Related brands: Levi’s, Target, and Staples

The Outlaw Archetype:

There isn’t much structure one can provide to this brand, because it’s known for

breaking the rules. Being that this type actively fights against normality, it’ll make sense for marketing efforts to go against the grain as well. Don’t be afraid to pave the way with new and daring media kits.

Target audiences come to this place for raw, dangerous, and thrilling experiences. When met face-to-face with this rebellious brand, are users’ unconventional desires sparked?

Suggested color choices: Black, rust orange, red, and celadon. Related brands: Harley-Davidson, Hennessy, and Pac-Sun

The 12 different brand archetypes cover a full spectrum of differential emotions and ideas. When it comes to marketing and re-marketing, how often are you defining your brand’s identity? Who is your target audience? What do they need to feel, for them to want to do business with you?

Choosing and utilizing the appropriate archetype for your small business is crucial for growth. Implementing this knowledge in created content, social media management, and product selection will have a true impact on your bottom-line.

This effort attracts the appropriate customers, and encourages positive engagement between consumers and the brands they believe in. Whether you’re a Magician or Everyday Man, making moments matter for your user will boost sales conversion.

Written by Shakia Artson