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F*ck the Box: The Importance of Building your Brand your way.

Are you a small business owner trying to find your place in a big digital world? Well, Coach Carla has been there. Even now, with years of branding experience, I’m still consistently re-marketing myself. This is because my brand is an embodiment of me, and I’m an evolving being that’s earned the right to grow. While many masterclass gurus preach the importance of honing your niche to boost conversion- this won’t work for everyone.

Sure, this’ll benefit businesses that have straightforward brand archetypes or sell cut & dry products. But, in an ever-growing individualistic world, where most people are selling services/personalities, more than products- will having a niche really elevate your brand? Meaning, if you’re a conscious black musician who also wears a double-digit dress size, will you be considered a curve influencer, Black Lives Matter activist or music artist?

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Is it possible to market your different offerings and remain cohesive? How can you showcase the various facets of your brand without disrupting your differing client’s experiences?

Throughout this blog, we’ll define what branding is and isn’t. Also, we’ll look at the differences between having a niche vs learning your client’s persona. Since a lot of success is found through identifying one’s niche, we’ll talk about the benefits of this type of branding [as well]. Whereas, if you’re an intersectional individual spearheading a versatile business venture, we’ll give you tips on how to survive marketing algorithms without confining yourself.

Branding isn’t just your logo, color scheme, or website design. Authentic branding that helps your conversion, is about more than what meets the eye.

Branding is the overall feeling people get when they interact with your business. What do you want people to feel when they see your brand? How do you showcase your core and provide consumers with a wholistic view of your business?

Essentially, maintaining consistent success over an extended period of time, is rooted in relieving your specific target audience’s pain points. I’ve found that gaining this type of client insight, requires businesses to [first] know themselves and what they have to offer. Brands will never grasp the fullness of their potential if they’re inadvertently placing themselves in a box.

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Do you know where you sit on the spectrum of needing a niche vs. leaning more into your versatility, to better define your target audience? You may be thinking, “Well both sounds equally important, so what if I’m interested in doing either?” You’re correct- both avenues can lead one to build marketing plans that cater to their specific audience. But why waste time putting yourself in a box, if you’re brand will shine brighter outside of it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I have to offer as a business? Think macro, such as inventory size, current capital balance, and future brand projections? 

  • What am I providing as a service? Focus on your specialty, pricing, and who you’re appealing to. 

  • Who is my customer and Where will they find out about my product/service?

  • Niche brands are usually one-dimensional and very straightforward. They’re mostly rooted in easily identifiable supply & demand, such as retail sellers, hair stylists/products, or legal practitioners. You’ll benefit from having a niche if you find yourself in the Innocent or Sage archetypes.

Whereas, if you align more with the Rebel or Explorer types, you may want to f*ck the niche box, because your customers are always seeking a new adventure instead. Don’t shy away from the random ideas that stem from your quirky personality- your customers will actually gravitate towards the challenge.

If you need help better defining your brand, we have a great resource with more details on the various brand archetypes here:

Iris Designs Brand Archetype Quiz

Why niches matter?

  • Having a designated lane that you rarely deter from, can save you time and money as a business. Consistently staying in the same marketing pocket can be less stressful and easier to maintain. For example, you’ll be able to post similar content weekly, as your leads are most likely going to convert without being shown something fresh.

  • It’ll be very easy for your clientele to find you. If you have a distinct niche, such as a single-mother blog or vegan cooking channel, potential leads shouldn’t have to funnel through unrelated offerings before locating your landing page. Through proper use of meta tags, alt-text descriptions, and overall SEO, your brand should populate in search engines when relevant keywords are used.

Learn more about the definition and importance of SEO in this guide: 

How to survive without having a niche?

  • Present your followers with multiple avenues of communication in a streamlined way. This creates excitement around your brand. What opportunities of engagement do you offer? You’ll want to hear from your community via polls, surveys, and social media. Maybe posting daily This or That? Instagram stories or offering small giveaways as an incentive for client engagement.

  • When attempting to boost sales without a niche, merging your personal story into your brand’s marketing will be your Holy Grail. How do you represent different client personalities and remain cohesive? By being yourself and seeking out a professional marketer, who can display all of your different attributes in a beneficial timeline. Carefully plan out when new products and services drop. Keep your mission exposed and purpose at the forefront of everything you do.

As a marketing expert I understand the importance of defining and targeting one’s specific client base. But I don’t believe parts of someone’s personality has to diminish because they don’t fit into a specific box. When done right, contrast can illuminate new ways of thinking.

Leads looking for something fresh will be intrigued by all the possibilities given. Whereas, a different type of customer is always in search of tools and will consistently go to the hardware store with the best price. Having a niche can be easier than not, but it’s not the only way to ensure sales success.

Knowing who you are and what you offer will save you a lot of time, while boosting your bottom line. Why? Because authenticity is the new golden rule in this world of branding tools. There’s room for everyone at the table, so don’t let anyone intimidate you into placing yourself in a box!

Written by: Shakia Artson


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