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"Growing a business is tough all by itself, so we've designed a workbook to help support your marketing goals. From tips on discovering your brand and building a niche to discovering the right audience to target through your compelling marketing campaign. This book is a quick to-do list for all of your marketing needs."


This training manual will include the following:

  • Worksheets
    1. Branding Worksheet with Access to Online Quiz
    2. Target Audience Worksheet
    3. Social Media Questions & Answers Worksheet
    4. Downloadable Calendar Template (Canva)
    5. Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing Checklist & Goal Sheet
  • Checklist
    1. Perfect Buyer Checklist
    2. Developing a Niche Checklist
    3. Marketing Strategies Checklist
    4. Must-Have Marketing Toolkit & Checklist with Goal Sheet
    5. Customer Acquisition Checklist & Worksheet
    6. Marketing Mix Checklist
  • Skills Test
  • Helpful Softwares

iD Training: A Strategic Marketing Training Manual (eBook)

Excluding Sales Tax
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