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Iris Designs, Web Design Company in Houston

Online Fashion Boutique with a Brick and Mortar Twist!


Advanced Web Design, Branding Kit, eCommerce Website, Service Industry Website

Project Type

This marvelous fashion and business attire boutique is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is owned and operated by the fabulous  Valarie Tutuh. She launched her amazing boutique in Greensboro in the Summer of 2023 and has partnered with several local organizations, been featured in news articles both online and offline, and is growing exponentially. Shop with her today!

This dynamic website included the following:

  • Web Design and Branding Project

  • Branding Colors via Hex, CMYK, and RGB codes

  • Typography

  • Benchmarking and Keyword Research

  • SEO Optimization

  • Mobile Optimization

  • eCommerce Plug-in with integrations

  • Custom Form

  • On-Site Booking and Consulting Integrations

  • Social Media Content Curation

  • Consumer Education

Full Description

Black Owned Online Boutique, eCommerce Boutique, Greensboro Fashion Boutique, Fashion Boutique in North Carolina Triad, Online Business Fashion Boutique, Online Exclusive Fashion Boutique, eCommerce Fashion Boutique Web Design, Fashion Web Design


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