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Scientific Researcher and Change Maker Web Design and Branding Project

Manu Rehani

Advanced Web Design, Branding Kit, Brand Development Consulting, Project Portfolio Website

Project Type

This dynamic project was curated for none other than Rehani Manu who is an inventor, scientist, and explorer who published and co-published countless articles, engineering and cultivating the intelligence we now experience throughout the World Wide Web. This project included the following:

  • Brand Consulting

  • Branded Colors via Hex, CMYK, and RGB

  • Branded Typography

  • Story Consulting

  • Web Design and Content Curation

  • Keyword Research and Benchmarking

  • SEO Optimization

  • Mobile Optimization

  • External Linking

Full Description

Manu Rehani Austin Texas Published Author, Manu Rehani Engineer Austin Texas, Manu Rehani Professional Online Portfolio, Transformative Coaching by Manu Rehani Online


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