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Do you need a quick 15-minute consult to determine the digital direction you need to take? Maybe you're starting your business and need to know branding or webspace options. Or, maybe you need your website proofed to ensure that you have functional SEOs and MetaTags.

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Website Re-Design

Service includes a consultation with a thorough review of your current platform. Re-design will include a responsive and functional design, SEO, MetaTags, and JSON-LD that pair with any content updates are your new site. Designs may also include edits and any current digital forms. Re-Designs cover 5 pages within your current site with improvements to enhance a better platform.

Website Design

Package includes website hosting  through Wix or other hosting platforms, a professional design with up to 8 functional and responsive pages. Websites will include backdoor updates to your SEO, JSON-LD, and MetaTags. Your web space may also include e-commerce features, blog features, FAQs, summaries and booking options, privacy policies, and if needed; a minimalist logo. If within the Central Texas area, package may also include professional headshots with a local and professional photographer.

Website Features


Search Engine Optimization or SEOs are one of the many important factors in making your website functional and productive. Done appropriately, it can help your customers find you when they search for features or products that your business may offer. It's important! For your website, I'll carefully assess your current web space through a site audit and for new websites, these are the important details that will be added to encourage growth.

Content Support

Nowadays having a website or a couple of social pages isn't quite enough to gain the audience that you need. Strong content and the ability to create, market, and link your content with your audience is apart of the nurturing process. Included with your design, I'll support you in your independent workings of the "back-office view", so that you can navigate, post, edit and share content to your customers.

Customer Engagement

It's important to have the availability and options to quickly engage with your customers. Nowadays, the worldwide web has become an information overload zone, full of data and pictures, likes and shares... Ahhh! Take a deep breathe - it'll be okay! I can help you to quickly connect with, and nurture your customers through tools and resources available to you on your platform or through external sources. Together, we will boost traffic to your site to improve or build your brand.

Why Choose

There's a difference between hiring a professional web designer as opposed to hiring an amateur. That difference can be found in the experiences you'll have with your designer and the results you can expect from them.

The creativity, the industry experiences, and the omnichannel results that you'll receive from hiring a professional will provide you with the functional and professional web design that you need to take your business to the next level.

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