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So Natural Catering & Restaurant

eCommerce and Restaurant & Catering Website

Restaraunt Website Re-Design

This dynamic project was a redesign of a restaurant and business logo for a restaurant that's been in business since 2013. The owners of this beautiful website have been featured on Food Networks, Restaurant Impossible - so with the recreation and rebranding of their establishment - they were also in the market to recreate their digital footprint.

Their site included:

  • Advanced Website ReDesign & Branding

  • Custom Logo

  • Restaraunt Service Integrations

  • eCommerce Plugins

  • Event-Booking Plugins

  • Catering Request Forms (Custom Forms)

  • Virtual Integrations for Virtual Cooking Classes

    • Zoom Integrations

  • Custom Menu & Delivery Options

  • FAQ of the Nutritional Benefits

  • Reservation / Booking Request Forms

  • Automations

  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis

  • SEO, MetaData, and Alt Tagging

  • And much more!

So Natural Catering & Restaurant

Website  or Project Type:

Restaurant & Catering Website

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Relevant  Keywords (Metadata)

Organic Catering Company, Central Texas Catering, Black Owned Restaurant in Central Texas, Central Texas Vegan Restaurant, Healthy Food Catering, Food Network, Cooking Classes

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