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Revived Soul Wellness

Professional Counseling and Wellness for BIPOC Professionals

This incredible Professional Counselor needed a website that tapped into the essence of who she is a professional and as a person. This project included the following:

  • Website & Branding Questionnaire

  • Branding Quiz and Custom Brand Profile

  • Stock Photos and Professional Headshots

  • Custom Web Design

  • Custom Form

  • UX Elements

  • Customer Jourrney Elements

  • Areas of Focus Sections with highlights of professional services

  • Multiple User-Friendly Pages

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Integration with Instagram

  • Integration with Psychology Today and CCTP

  • SEO and Keyword Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Digital Package: SEO, JSON-LD, and MetaData

  • And, more.

Revived Soul Wellness

Website  or Project Type:

Professional Counseling

Project Gallery:

Relevant  Keywords (Metadata)

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