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Helena Klassen Life Coaching

Self-Love, Life, and Relationship Coach

Website & Branding Site for Professional Services

This clean, minimal-modern website includes custom graphics, professional headshots, videos and other features like:​

Site integrations

  • Website & Branding Package

    • Custom Logo, Hex Codes, RGB Codes, and CMYK Codes

    • Brand Profile Sheet

    • Logo Design

  • Custom form integrations

  • Subscription Embeds & Automation Setup

  • Custom Navigation Bar

  • Custom UX features

  • FAQ Page

  • Mobile Optimizing and Visitor Experience Flow

  • Privacy Policy & Compliance Features

  • Scrolling Components

  • Automations

  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis

  • SEO & Meta Data

  • And More

Helena Klassen Life Coaching

Website  or Project Type:

Life & Relationship Coaching

Project Gallery:

Relevant  Keywords (Metadata)

Virtual Relationship Coach, Self-Love Coach, Podcast Speaker, Founder of VibeHIGH, Public Speaking Guest, Mental Reprogramming, Stress Reduction, Energy Medicine

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