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eCommerce Platform Designed for a Fashion Designer: Apparel & Accessories Project

This website was designed for an up-and-coming fashion designer, with custom designer bags, jewelry, shoes, and now wedding apparel and custom-designed apparel. Her website is both dynamic, responsive, and creative - drawing her buyers in and creating an urgency to shop again! With features like:

  • Advanced Website and Simple Branding

    • Client provided detailed graphics

  • Custom Design

  • eCommerce Plugin

  • Designed the Product Page, Shopping Cart, Check-Out Pages, etc.

  • Custom embed options

  • Designed the About, FAQ, and Legal Pages

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Custom Journey UX

  • Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research

  • SEO, MetaData, and Alt Tags

  • And More


Website  or Project Type:

eCommerce Website

Project Gallery:

Relevant  Keywords (Metadata)

Fashion Designer, Apparel and Accessories Brand, Black-Owned Fashion Designer, Custom Apparel, Custom Accessories, Designer Bags, New Designer, Cosmetic Brand

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