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Iris Designs is a website and branding firm that's committed to supporting small to mid-size businesses with growing their business through intentional branding and website design. Our team of professionals are experienced marketers, web designers and developers, and content creators -- but that only scratches the surface of who and what we are as creatives and experts in our field.


The truth is, Iris Designs was formed out of the need to stretch our imaginations while supporting and enriching our community. As the founder, I had the honor of establishing the name of this business and oftentimes, I get the question - why Iris Designs? Well here's the short and sweet - the name first derived from my middle name 'Iris'. That name is shared, however, with that of my grandmother and great grandmother, Carmen Iris. The name 'iris' however, is also a type of flower that was ironically in bloom around the hospital I was born, on the small island of Puerto Rico. The meaning of an iris flower in bloom - symbolizes faith, hope, courage, wisdom, and admiration - all of which are components to the birthing of this business. The coolest realization, however, is the fact that an iris is also one of the most important attributes to eyesight; it determines the color of a person's eyes and it also controls the amount of light that enters the eye -- creating the ability, for us to see things more clearly. - Carla

Iris Designs is dedicated to seeing our clients vision for their brand, using creativity and market experience, our designs inspire growth and community resilience. We are your visionaries.



Website Designer, Creative Director & Business Director

Carla Iris Medina is the owner and founder of Iris Designs, LLC.She is a creative geek with a passion to support people and businesses looking to grow. She's been a marketing professional for over 8+ years with skills in content creation, creative design, website design, leadership, project management, and contract fulfillment. She's a life-long learner and is always discovering new innovative concepts to support people looking to grow. 

Fun fact: She loves to kayak while jammin' to reggae, ride her Haro bicycle around Austin, and go on hikes.



Website Developer, Website Designer & Content Creator

Shonta' "Neshama" Roberson is equal parts creative and analytical--naturally leading her into a career as a web designer/developer. She has a background in marketing and content management, and her specialty is clean elegant design. 


Fun fact: She loves officiating weddings!


Website Designer, Editor & Graphics Designer

Brittney Ford is an artist from Colorado Springs, CO. Even though she’s graduated and received her certification a little over a year ago; She has been operating as a web/graphic designer for the last 4 years. Her goals are to utilize her artistic talents to help clients succeed and watch them grow.


“As an artist I believe that true satisfaction comes from the ability to collaborate with others to create something amazing. I don’t just want to work for my client, I want to collaborate with them to make their brands amazing”.

Fun fact: She loves to read, write and sing.

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