About Me.

I'm a mother, daughter, friend, and life-long learner; and I'm very excited to introduce to you a multi-faceted portfolio, that encompasses my skills as a marketing professional, web designer, and independent artist.

Throughout my life, I've been obsessed with music and art. My vision is to authentically bridge the gap between all of my passions; my drive to support people and organizations by meeting the needs of their business.

​Thus, the creation of my hashtag, #singingmarketingmaniac, and 

Iris Designs, LLC. was born.

Here's what that means...

It means that I've merged my creative spirit, strategic marketing, and design abilities, leadership strengths, and my tenured professional expertise into one brand. And now, I'm excited to support you, with your goals!

Let's Connect.

Passionate about Marketing 

"Be water, my friend"

-Bruce Lee

Marketing is about the bigger picture - understanding the climate changes, generating leads through calculated marketing strategies that benefit the current focus of your business as well as future business. A good marketing strategy is fluid; it's flexible to the market, it addresses who your target audience is, the current market trends that will impact your business and, which platforms will produce the desired results. 

"Passionate energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you" - Oprah Winfrey

I enjoy the challenges and opportunities

to be creative through marketing.

I've found my passion! 


Austin, Texas

Tel: 512-764-5670

Email: info@irisdesigns.biz

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